Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Step-By-Step)

Sep 07, 2021
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Step 1: Finding Your Niche

What is a niche?

A niche is a specific area or focuses on a certain market. An example would be, if you're in the fitness niche specifically dieting, your audience would be people looking at how to diet by eating healthy. There are many different niches that you can do. It just depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

How do I find a niche that works for me?

To find a niche that works for you, look into the things you have knowledge about. For example, if you know a lot about cars, maybe you can talk about what product works for your vehicle or what tools you use to make maintenance easier. If you don't know much about a certain thing, you can always research it on Google to get a better understanding of it. When searching for a niche, it's best to find at least 3 niches that you like and have a good understanding of. Keep in mind that it's best to be specific when choosing a niche like if you choose to be in the music niche, ask yourself what in the music niche do you want to talk about. Would it be about a certain instrument? Studio equipment? How to record music? How to edit music? There are endless possibilities to what niches you can get into, it's just a matter of what you want to talk about.

What are the best niches?

Some of the best niches to be in are:

  • Fitness/health
  • Finances
  • Dating and relationships
  • Technology
  • How to making money
  • Investing
  • Facial treatments
  • Software

These are some of the best niches to get into, but also very competitive. The best thing to do is show how you are different, to separate yourself from others. Such as make videos, give your best opinion on the product, compare which product is cheap, but has the best quality versus buying the more expensive one. Either way, there are limitless ways to differentiate yourself from others, it all just depends.

What is better? Going for passion or profit?

For passion, you're more likely to last and keep going. It helps to have that passion because it's something you really like doing. Versus profit, your focus is on gaining money. That can go both ways, it can help you through motivation or it can lead you to give up early because you're not earning anything. The best way to achieve your goal when starting would be going for passion. Your focus would not entirely be on money but developing your content, and in time, you'll get paid for your work.

What to do when I find my top 3 niches?

Once you've found the niches you like, start doing research. Look into other niches to give you an idea on what they have. Focus on being different from your competitors, if you're going to talk about the same product or service, give your personal review on it and add something like a video you made and post it on your site. Usually, people like looking up reviews and since we have the internet, it makes shopping for things a lot easier. Meaning, it's best to have reviews on products or services because it's more likely that people are going to check it out.

Step 2: Create Web Diagram/List

Using a web diagram/list will help figure out which niche out of the 3 you chose is best for you. It'll give you a bigger picture of what you'll be talking about when you write your content. This step will help organize your plan better before starting your website.

How do I start making a web diagram/list?

Simple. To start, begin with topics you'd want to talk about. From there, you can branch out. When figuring out your topics, use keywords that people search for. How you can do that, search Google trends to see how often the word comes up. Those keywords will help you out with ranking your website. Once you've gathered all your info and created a web diagram/ list, narrow it down to having only 1 niche. It's best to focus on one thing than 3, you can always make another website later on when you've learned what to do.

Is making a web diagram/list important?

Yes, creating a web diagram/list is important because it'll help you visually organize your topics, subtopics, and content overall. Doing this will truly help you get things in order before you get your website out there. The point of doing this will get your site up sooner. The faster you get it online, the better, but don't think having just a lot of content will increase your traffic, it's more about having quality content that provides them with valuable info that matters. Doing this will give you a pretty solid plan on what you're going to do. I highly recommend you do this so if you decide to make another website, you can always look back on what you did that works.

Step 3: Getting Into Affiliate Programs

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business where companies have people promote or refer others to buying a product/service through links. To make it simple, affiliate marketing is basically referring others to products/services. How this works as a business is, when someone buys through your specialized link that's given, you receive a certain commission for that product/service. Many people have used this to earn an income and have gained a lot from this type of business.

What are the benefits to affiliate marketing?

Number 1, this helps the company earn money. Through affiliate marketing, big and small businesses can reach out to many people because of how widespread it is. Number 2, this helps you earn money. For referring others and helping them sell their product/service, the company rewards you through a commission. This commission depends on the product itself, some have high commissions that pay a lot and some will have low commissions that pay only a little. Number 3, the customer gets the product/service. Not only that this helps the company and you, but also the customer. So everyone wins. Succeeding within this business can lead to great outcomes, such as having a truly passive way of earning income.

How do people refer to these affiliate links?

Many people refer to these affiliate links by providing valuable info on how to do something, reviewing products, what are the best products, etc. It's all within the content they write. If you can provide helpful information on it or give your personal review on helping a buyer see if it's worth the money, they can buy it through your link. A way you can get them to buy from your link is to say for example, "Click here to buy on Amazon" and insert your link into the text, by highlighting the words you want to select and press Ctrl and the letter k on your keyboard at the same time when using a desktop on wordpress. There are many different ways you can refer affiliate links, you just have to be creative and do your research. I will add more to how you can do this later on.

How can I become an affiliate for my niche?

Easy. Since you'll have a website in the works, you'll be able to qualify for most affiliate programs. One of the biggest affiliate programs is Amazon Associates which has millions of products you can promote for almost any niche. Another would be Commission Junction, just like Amazon Associates, they have many different opportunities for almost all niches. They include some of the biggest brands like Nike, Under Armour, Guitar Center, etc. You can find affiliate programs for almost anything including cars such as Tesla.

How many affiliate programs can I sign up for?

You're not limited to how many affiliate programs you can sign up for, but since you're just starting off, best to only work on 1 product to promote. This will help you focus on getting quality content rather than writing out a lot of bad content. Remember, quality is what you want, not quantity. Choose affiliate programs you believe in, not the products you think are good to promote.

Do I need to have the product to promote it?

Yes and no. The reason why is cause you can always research it. I don't recommend doing this because you won't truly have a great understand of the product/service. Yes you can search it up, but it doesn't mean copying is right. If you end up doing it that way, use your own words, and avoid copying word by word, it'll get you in trouble if you do. I recommend talking about products/services you've used so it can have a better impact for your site, you'll be more knowledgeable and confident when you're asked about the product/services.

Is it easy to become an affiliate?

Yes, it is very easy to become an affiliate. All you need to get started is a website or YouTube channel to post your affiliate links, a bank account to receive your commissions, your basic info such as your real legal name, address, email, etc. Then, after filling out the required info, you're finally an affiliate. The steps may be different for other sites such as Commission Junction, they ask certain questions to see if you're a perfect affiliate for their company, so there will be additional steps to go through.

How do I get started?

  • Research products you've used

Look around your house if you don't know what to promote. Write your honest opinions about the product. Search to see if there's a market for it meaning, are people looking to buy the product? Will you have an audience to promote to? Is it worth writing about?

  • Apply to an affiliate program

You can apply for affiliate programs by searching, "name of company" and adding the words affiliate program to see if the company offers any, like shown in the example below.
  • Learn from your competitor

You can do this simply by searching your niche or product and trying to understand how they promote their product. You don't want to copy their work, just keep in mind that though there are many promoting the same product/service, YOU are what makes the difference, every individual has their own creative ways. Think of YOUR way to make it better or improve the support and value to the customers.

  • Take notes

From your research, to what you learned, to your plans, you should always take note of what you're going to do or what you need to do to organize your plan better.

Step 4: Content

Expanding your web diagram/list

Write out your topics and ideas by explaining the basics, who, what, when, where, and why. These are the questions you need to answer so your audience can understand. Depending on your product or service you're promoting, talk about the pros and cons to it, maybe add how it'll benefit them, also compare similar products or services so your audience can have a better understanding why your product is somewhat better. There are many different ways to expand your content, I recommend looking at similar websites to get an idea of what you should have in your blog.

What are some things to focus on when writing your content?

  • Make it easy to read

Use easy to read words, you don't want to over complicate it. Don't use too much big words. Keep each paragraph relatively short so they understand your content. Try to have the same fonts for the title, sub-titles, and body paragraph. Make your sub-titles stand out from the title. Insert pictures relating to your content.

  • Use keywords

This depends on your product/service. When you go into Google and ONLY type out your product/service you'll see recommended searches. Those recommended are the most searched within that field. Another tool you can use to find keywords is Google Trends. You'll be able to easily find the right keywords for titling your page.

  • Provide important info

Through researching similar products/services, you'll be able to figure out what info is great to add for your content. Look in to review, forums, and blogs to see what people are looking for. That'll give you the best possible way to figure out what info you can add on your content.

  • Use Google Docs or Word

So you don't lose your work, it's best to use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to write your content. Always save it in a notepad, docs, or any form of documentation program to ensure your work is saved and it'll make it easier to edit along the way if it's needed. From your docs, you can copy and paste your work onto your website when done.

Step 5: Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Basically, web hosting is a service that hosts websites online. They provide all the necessary tools for business owners and individuals to have their website viewable online to others worldwide. The web hosting service works by buying space on the web to build your website. To imagine it better, think of it like buying a land of property, to build your house on, you need space to build. It's the same way with the web, to build your site you need space or foundation to build on, from that foundation you can build and grow your website.

Why is web hosting important?

Web hosting is important because you need a web hosting service to provide accessibility to people to view your business online. For that to happen, you need that web space for your website.

When is the right time to start?

Best time to start is TODAY! With this business you're given opportunities and with that, you should take action to start sooner. There are many others like you that will take the option to get things finished right away. Best to get ahead and get working as soon as possible because depending on how hard you work, the results can take longer for your business to grow. So I suggest you start today, get your web hosting and basic things done.

How do I get web hosting?

You can create a professional website just like this one for less than $5 a month! If you can afford a $9 subscription for Netflix, you can afford this web hosting. Yes, I know the feeling, Netflix is so amazing for entertainment and freeing yourself from boredom, but what will you really gain from just watching all day? Not much. If you can make a website, gain traffic, and grow, you'll be able to help others, receive income passively, and pursue your dreams. It's just a matter of the effort you're willing to put in.

What do I need to start today?

  • Web hosting

You can start by going to BlueHost which i s a web hosting site that I highly recommend, they're rated #1 for hosting websites according to WordPress. They provide helpful 24/7 support if you need help with your website at anytime. Not just that, but they give you all the resources and plugins to make building your website easier which I will show you how to set up later on.

  • Domain name

Domain name is basically a name for your website. This will be how others search your website up. Think of ideas for what you want to name your website and see if it's available when you sign up for BlueHost. When choosing a domain name, make sure TLD or Top Level Domain is a .com. More people find having a .com is official. The TLD is located on the right side of the domain name. I will show you down below how to search and create your domain name.


Creating a domain name is located on the left, right next to it is the TLD which shows .com. When you type your domain name into the box, you'll see if it's available.


  • Your time

This is where you need to invest a bit of your time. Once you created your domain name and got the basics for your website, everything will go easier if you completed these steps right. Finding a perfect domain name is sometimes difficult because there are a lot of names either taken or it's simply hard to think of good names you like. Match it with your keyword and your niche if you can. It just needs to be short and simple.

You can search your domain name below to see if it's available. I suggest if you're planning to create a website, claim the domain name you want as soon as you can so no one else can take your domain name.


Step 6: Applying Your Content

This step is pretty straight forward. You apply your content to your website. If you properly completed the steps before this, you should be able to easily copy and paste your content you created in step 4 to your website right away.

Editing Content

When editing your content, some things you should know beside the basic spell check, is making it easy to read and put in short paragraphs like what's said before in step 4. I recommend having it looked over from your friends, family or people you know to see how you can improve your content. Try to avoid using the same words over again and read it out loud to yourself to make sure it sounds right.

Add Pictures

Add some pictures to your content to mix it up a bit. Doing this will help the readers connect and become interested in what's going on in your content. It'll also reach out to visual learners too if they need help understanding what's going on. In doing so, adding short descriptions can help the reader understand more. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to know what you're talking about and what you're promoting if that's your focus in a section.


Integrating links to your content is very important because you want them to take interest in your content. By interest, I don't mean, "this person knows how to write well", but is very interactive on your website. Having buttons known as a "call to action" can help spark that curiosity to learn more about a certain thing or help develop their understanding better. I will provide more info on how to do this effectively in a later time.

Step 7: Personal Branding

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is a brand that represents a specific business or group. An example would be an apple for Apple products. They use a simple logo to identify who they are, this makes it easy for the customers to know Apple's products which helps market it and have consistent sale each time.

What do I need for a personal brand?

What you'll need for a personal brand is a simple logo. You can easily create a logo or have someone do it for you to make it easy and professional looking. I recommend having someone that specializes in graphic arts to help you in creating your logo. If you don't know anyone to make your logo, you can go to Fiverr to get your logo done by a professional for a cheap and affordable price.

Why do I need a logo?

You need a logo so that your viewers or customers can identify who you are. There are many people within your niche and you need something to separate yourself from the others besides your content. Having a logo will help make it easier for the viewers to find you and make your site look official.

What do I need to make a logo?

Your logo doesn't need to be complex. You don't need a lot of color or words in your logo. It should be simple and basic. Sketch out ideas of what you want, use Fiverr to search for a graphic artist, they'll help you smooth out your design if you're not so artistic.

Step 8: Finalizing

When finishing, it's best to carefully look over your work. I recommend having friends or family look over your website to see what else you can improve on or fix before showing it live. Go over your links you put on your site to make sure they work and it goes to the right place. Read out loud to make sure it sounds proper and your grammar is good. Make sure it's simple and easy to read, look over it a few times just to make sure everything is good and there you go, congratulations! You've completed building your first website for your affiliate marketing business! There will be more content soon to come, so stay tuned and join our newsletter for more updates!